Hey guys- Morgan here again, now back with yet another YouTuber Sunday post! I'll keep it short THIS time... (don't worry, Ill harp on yall next time...) But I just want to gloat for a few seconds... See the guy in the Youtube video I have below? Yeah, I just found this video a few minutes ago and I couldn't have been happier! Please notice that he is, indeed, a REAL PUBLISHED WRITER, and guess what he's talking about?  The BEST WRITING ADVICE he'd EVER recieved! And what is it??? A WEEKLY WRITING GOAL!!! Trust me people- this WORKS! Use the WWG, and start up that 'Dont Break the Chain' Calander... I'm telling you, this stuff works! If it's good enough for him, a REAL PUBLISHED writer, than it's most certaintly good enough for you. So keep with it and stay firm to your schedgual and you'll eventually go far! :)
-Morgan Rush-

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