Hey guys- Morgan here again, now back with yet another YouTuber Sunday post! I'll keep it short THIS time... (don't worry, Ill harp on yall next time...) But I just want to gloat for a few seconds... See the guy in the Youtube video I have below? Yeah, I just found this video a few minutes ago and I couldn't have been happier! Please notice that he is, indeed, a REAL PUBLISHED WRITER, and guess what he's talking about?  The BEST WRITING ADVICE he'd EVER recieved! And what is it??? A WEEKLY WRITING GOAL!!! Trust me people- this WORKS! Use the WWG, and start up that 'Dont Break the Chain' Calander... I'm telling you, this stuff works! If it's good enough for him, a REAL PUBLISHED writer, than it's most certaintly good enough for you. So keep with it and stay firm to your schedgual and you'll eventually go far! :)
-Morgan Rush-
Ariana here! I realized that some of the posts are similar with the Youtube video articles, so I'm starting to call the Sundays in which we post about youtubers, Youtuber Sunday. Do you like Youtuber Sunday? Do you think it needs a different name? Tell us in the comments!

Many of you may of heard of Famous Youtubers John and Hank Green, otherwise known as the vlogbrothers. Well, a couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of discovering their videos! I had heard briefly about them for a while, but never did I check out their videos until late last week. But when I did, I instantly became a Nerdfighter! (A term that means people who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome. They are proud to be nerdy and intelligent, and fights to end WorldSuck.) On January 1st, 2007, the two brothers decided that they would stop communicating by text, but by vlogging to each other, making the first Brotherhood 2.0 video. To this day they make vlogs, one by John Green on Mondays, and one on Wednesdays by Hank Green. Here is a older vlog that John did, giving Writers Advice and discussing his first girlfriend, Tiffany with no last name: (click the 'Read More' button on the the bottom right corner of this post to see watch the video)
And did I mention that John Green is an author, who writes young adult books? He's written five. Here are the links to goodreads.com's reviews of the books:

Looking For Alaska (2005)
An Abundance of Katherines (2006)
Paper Towns (2008)
The Fault in Our Stars (2012)

 I look forward to checking his books out, they look good!

Ariana March

Hi! Morgan here, with the first official writing-help post on the Reader Writers Notebook blog! 

This post, I'd like to talk to you about a little inspiration-thing that I learned from one of my personal favorite Youtube Vloggers, Charlie McDonnell, which was developed by Jerry Seinfeld. In the video below, he says, "If you have a thing you need to do, and you need to do it all the time..." Which basically includes writing! Now one of MY greatest issues with writing is actually finding the TIME to write and finish the story I'm working on. With this idea, 'Don't Break the Chain' can really help anybody out there with any similar issues. Charlie does quite well to explain the basic idea of the project, which I'm actually beginning to put into action myself in everyday life. I'd encourage all of you to watch the video, listen to his amazing British accent, and then start your own chain using the link I've provided at the bottom of this post to dontbreakthechain.com which is an online calender you can use to start your own chain and be inspired to set yourself a requirement and finish that story on time!


Hope you found this helpful and post any questions or comments bellow,

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